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The Dance
Form . Consciousness . Energy


Consciousness is love


You’re like a shadow in love with the sun. When the intensity of light appears, you vanish. Chasing yourself away.
What then is love? The ocean of non-existence

Consciousness welcomes every form unconditionally. Just as a mother makes no distinction in her love for her children, consciousness receives everything that presents itself: the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad, the true and the false, the perfect and the defective, the easy and the difficult. Life unfolds as it does. In the moment it cannot be different from what it is. Therefore, consciousness has neither preference nor resistance. Preference and resistance can only arise from the duality between subject and object. Consciousness enlightens friend and foe alike. Consciousness is love.

Consciousness, besides being receptive, also generously reaches out. Like the sun, it shines without restraint on everything and everyone. Without sunlight there is no life. Without consciousness there is no vibrant aliveness. Without source there is no awareness of the dance between consciousness, form and energy, no awareness of the source itself. Consciousness is love.

To illuminate the sense of the separate-self is to recognize its true nature as the light of awareness.
(John J. Prendergast)

Consciousness embraces every contraction that originates from the subject-object duality, every separateness and the suffering that stems from it. Since the subject is separate, it seeks love. When there is consciousness, in which the subject returns to its original subjectivity, every form abides in love. Subject and object burn up in the love of consciousness. What remains is a realm that is as fluid as water.

Consciousness bears witness to how we lose touch with the source over and over again… and how we recurrently re-find it. We lose track constantly but are never lost. Consciousness enlightens the lit and the unlit. Consciousness is love.

Consciousness celebrates life as it unfolds. The dance of consciousness with energy and form ignites joy in our hearts. The dance manifests itself as well-being in every cell of our body. This is the original love for life. Consciousness is love.

The revolving heavens are moved by waves of love. If it wasn't for love, then the earth would be frozen solid.

Consciousness seems empty, like the spaciousness of the universe, but upon closer observation turns out to be full. Form made into object seems full, but upon closer observation appears to be empty. Consciousness and all form appearing in it, are full of love. Moment by moment, all is born out of love. Moment by moment, all returns to love.

Consciousness can be presented as the masculine principle of ultimate reality. Consciousness permeates every form and at the same time remains unmoved by it. Simultaneously, consciousness penetrates and beholds. Form can be form only when it is permeated by consciousness. This silent beholding, this equanimous penetration is an expression of love.

Love can also be presented as the feminine principle of ultimate reality. Love embraces all form and reaches out for it. It is at once receiving and radiating. Form can be form only when it is bathed in the light of love. This receptive reaching out is an expression of consciousness.

When there is consciousness, there is love. When there is love, there are no more queries. Love is the subtlest, all-pervading, all-creating force that brings all together, including what seems separated, fragmented or conflicting, what seems to be missing or broken. Love forges existence into one dancing wholeness.

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