Energy as recognition of form and consciousness



    Existence is consciousness [form]ifying itself without cause or reason. It is energy dispersed or actualised in space and time.
    (Jean Klein)
    Jesus said: I have cast a fire upon the world, and see, I watch over it until it is ablaze.
    Jesus said: He who is near to me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom.
    (Gospel of Thomas 10; 82)

    As soon as the grip of the subject-object duality on reality is released, everything appears as form-in-consciousness. In the process, "a whole world of unsuspected energies are released." In consciousness, form can only emerge out of the third principle: energy. Whenever form is recognized as form, there is an energetic quality to it. Whenever form becomes objectified, the awareness of energy and consciousness vanishes.

    Energy is where consciousness is in motion, comparable to waves on water. Consciousness can also be compared to the ocean or the sky in which the very weakest is received without restraint. Yet at the same time, the ocean or the sky can be devastatingly powerful when set in motion and take form in this way. No energy exists without consciousness.

    Complementary to this, energy is also the vibration of form. Energy is wherever form is in motion, wherever form emerges and dissolves. There is no energy without form, just as the fragrance of a flower is not there without the flower itself (Hevajra Tantra).

    Energy is where form dissolves into consciousness and where consciousness manifests into form. Energy is where form and consciousness are continuously and simultaneously flowing into each other. Energy, form and consciousness are in each other. They are present at the same time. If one of the three were missing, then the other two would also be absent. If one of the three appears in awareness, then the other two also become manifest. Energy, form and consciousness are the Holy Trinity of existence.

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